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I’ve been feeling restless and irritable lately. I’ve been thinking that everything I’m doing is useless, that I’m cooped up all the time, that I want to get a job out of state or even out of the country.

Kyle always knows why I’m feeling this way before I do. He’s seen me feel this way every spring for years.

He didn’t always understand, though. The first time Kyle and I went to visit his parents for Christmas, Kyle, his brother Rod, and I went to see a movie. I think it was one of the Star Trek movies. After the movie, as I was driving us home, we went past this park, called Ballou Park.

I wanted us to stop and go for a walk in the park. So that’s what we did.

We walked through the dusk and the darkening park. Kyle kept shaking his head. Rod kept saying, “This makes me want to go home and eat a mess of Grape Nuts.” I was enjoying myself. I kept wondering what was so odd about wanting to go for a walk in a park.

The thing is, Kyle and his family don’t go for walks in parks. They’ll go to parks, of course, but for picnics and cookouts. Not just go for a walk.

Now that it’s springtime, I don’t just want to go for walks in the park. I want to go for walks in the woods. I want to go on hikes in the mountains, I want to go swimming in outdoor pools, I want to go camping.

Kyle knows that this is why I’ve been restless recently. He realizes this before I do, every year.

So last Saturday, I went for a hike! It was rainy and overcast, and Kyle really doesn’t understand why I like to walk in the rain, but I enjoyed it. And one of Seattle’s outdoor pools opens in just two and a half weeks!

I’m feeling happier already.

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