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How can you be married for 14 1/2 years and still have communication problems??

Yesterday, I texted Kyle that I wanted us to go somewhere and have a cookout for our dinner. After all, it’s a holiday weekend. And yes, we text even though we’re both home, which actually is useful documentation when he claims I didn’t tell him something that I actually did.

Later, when I was going to the grocery store to get hot dogs, buns, and some eggs and whatnot to make peanut butter cookies (which are his favorite), he was teasing me that we have this perfectly good balcony on which we can set up the grill, why do we need to go out somewhere? Apparently, though, he wasn’t actually teasing, because when I’d made the cookies and packed everything and said, “Let’s go,” he replied, “Go where?”

I said I really wanted to go out, and I really wanted to go to Alki Beach, but Kyle said there wouldn’t be much daylight left, so why didn’t we go someplace closer? Fine. We ended up at Pratt Park in the Central District.

When I parked the car, I looked around the park and said, “And you won’t be the only black person here!” He quipped, “But will you be the only white person?” “I think I might be,” I said, “But I can stand it.”

There did turn out to be one or two other white people. One of them was in this group of black people which included a woman who kept looking at me as Kyle and I walked through the park looking for a picnic table. I mean, she looked and looked at me. At first I wondered, was she trying to figure out if I was white or black? Probably not, because I’m clearly white. Did she not like that I was a white woman with a black man? Possibly. Did I look familiar to her? Maybe.

There were plenty of empty picnic tables, so we chose one, I started our coals in the fire box, and we unpacked and had a nice picnic.

Pratt Park is a nice park. There were several families there, with kids playing on the swings for example, and a man teaching some kids how to hit a baseball.

Kyle allowed as how he was enjoying himself. I was, too.

When dusk fell, everyone left. So we did too.

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