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The first time I left Seattle to move far away, my dad gave me a big yellow bucket full of Italian plums. They came from the tree that was on the property where his business was. I ate on those plums all the way to Chicago, and they were delicious.

This year, I was resigned to not having any fresh Italian plums straight off a tree. There was this tree near where my Toastmasters club meets, and last year the guy who lived there let me pick some. But the guy who’s there this year said no.

Then my massage therapist told me about a plum tree near where she lives. Yesterday, as Kyle and I were driving back from dropping a bunch of stuff off at the Goodwill, we stopped at this tree.

And I picked plums.

I parked my car right next to the tree so I could stand on it and pick more easily. Of course, I climbed up in the tree, too.

Kyle laughed. He said, “You are your father’s daughter.”

I don’t get why Kyle thinks this is so weird. There’s fruit on the tree, it doesn’t belong to any one person, so I can pick some of the fruit!

The year I left Seattle for Chicago, I left at this same time of year. But that time, the plums were really ripe.

This year, the plums aren’t as ripe. But still, I’ll have a big container full of Italian plums as I drive away from Seattle.

Yep, I’m moving away from Seattle, not to grad school this time, but to start a job. Which is why I didn’t post last week; I’ve been busy negotiating compensation, looking for a place to live, getting rid of stuff, planning my move, and packing.

I’m moving to a place that doesn’t have Italian plum trees. It’s a small town east of the Cascades, with a high-desert climate. It’ll be different! About as different from Seattle as Chicago was.

Another thing that’s different this time is that I have a partner in my life. Kyle’s staying in Seattle for now, and he’ll join me later, I hope, if he can find a job there. Maybe we’ll just have a commuter marriage for a while. That’ll be hard, but we dated long distance before I moved to Seattle to get married. We did it before, we can do it again.

He doesn’t have a sentimental attachment to Italian plums. But I’ll leave some for him anyway.

And soon, I’ll write more about my new home and my new job.

Photo credit: © 2017 Kyle Jones.

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