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Have you seen the video of these two Scottish guys who try to get a voice-activated lift (elevator) to understand what they’re saying? It’s by BBC Scotland, and it’s hilarious.

Here’s a link:

I watched it a bunch of times and I laughed my ass off.

Then I thought of something. The two Scottish guys are white. What would I have thought if the two guys were black? Or of Chinese ancestry?

And if you’re thinking, how could black or Chinese guys be Scottish, well, their families could’ve emigrated there and they grew up Scottish. It’s just something you don’t necessarily think about. I remember the first day I was in London, for a semester abroad, amazed at hearing little kids on the tube speak with British accents. How did they learn them so young, I wondered? Of course, I was horrendously jetlagged.

But what if the two Scottish guys in the video were black? Or of Chinese ancestry? Or something else not white. Would the video have been as funny?

I think it would still have been funny, but it would have been funny in a different way. It still would have been two guys getting hilariously frustrated at a lift that doesn’t understand Scottish accents. But it would also have been funny because of the (seeming) incongruity of seeing black or Chinese-looking men with Scottish accents.

And notice how I say “black” Scottish guys, but I say “of Chinese ancestry” Scottish guys. Not “Chinese” Scottish guys.



Photo credit: © 2013, BBC Scotland.

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