Talking about Cross-Cultural Experiences. Photo © 2016 Jerry Jaz.

If you want an entertaining, informative, enlightning, and illuminating talk about race, diversity, what it means to be white, and other subjects like that, get in touch with me. I love speaking about my experience as a white woman married to an African-American man, and what I’ve learned.

If You Check “Caucasian” on a Demographics Form –

  • Ask me the questions you’re not comfortable asking a person of color.
  • Benefit from what I’ve learned without having to make the mistakes that have helped me learn.
  • Listen to someone who understands your experience.

Some of the Talks I Give

Cross-Cultural Experiences — The Pitfalls, Joys, and Rewards

How to Embrace Diversity

“Why do People say I’m Showing ‘White Fragility?'”

When your Experience “Doesn’t Count”

Serving Diverse Populations – Bringing Your Best Self to Your Community


My speaking fees vary, depending on the type of organization, size of the audience, and length of the talk.

I do a few talks each year without a fee for philanthropic and service organizations.

If your organization has a limited budget for speakers, but my message is important and timely for you, get in touch with me. Often, I’ll waive my speaking fee in exchange for things like letting your clients, customers, and contacts know about me and my work.

Contact Me

Contact me today and let’s set up a time for me to come talk to your organization. Email me at whitewomansmemoir@gmail.com.

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