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Have you ever asked yourself what your childhood taught you about race?

I read this great paper by Robin DiAngelo, who looks at how people think about and deal with race and diversity, particularly white people. She came up with a set of six questions people can ask themselves.

For six Sundays, I’m going to post one of DiAngelo’s six questions, as I rewrote them so they’re not just for white people.

You can find all these questions under the tag “Childhood teaching about race.”.

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Question #3

If people of races, ethnicities, and countries of origin other than my own, didn’t live in my neighborhood:


  1. Where did they live, and why didn’t they live in my neighborhood?
  2. What was it like where they lived?
  3. Was I encouraged to go to the places where they lived?


Please post your answer in the comments on the page.

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